MAX INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL is a well- known school, recognized for excellence in education in Dehradun city. We work on the holistic development of the child. Through of individual attention showered with love and care. We work to develop our team. During these past years we have given extra time and energy to care for our students to listen their point of view.

“Quality education for all”. The ultimate goal of our school is to ‘Build our nation
through Education’ and to groom responsible global citizen, equipped with the skills required
for facing the challenges posed by today’s dynamic world.”

                    We all are aware that a child’s learning can greatly be enhanced by successful parent-teacher collaboration. So time to time we organize parent teacher meeting.

                      Assessment is an integral part of instruction. Assessment serves as a relevant tool for both students and teachers. We assess students using different activities and tasks, to make assessment stress-free and stimulating for students.
                    Personal self-esteem is important for every human being. So that here the teachers help their
pupils identify his strengths and show them that weaknesses are opportunities that help them grow. A modern day teacher always comes down to their level and reciprocates their feelings in equal measure.